Hi, I’m Renee.


As I’m sure you have read these “about me” sections and thought to yourself, “I know this person wrote this themselves and is now writing it in the third person”. I’m here to tell you that yes, I am writing this, and yes, I am going to keep it in the first person just to keep things real with you.

My name is Renee and I am a Business Strategist, Leadership Consultant, Strategist, Workshop Facilitator, Speaker, Mentor, and Motivated Professional who believes in sharing my enthusiastic work ethics and life experiences with other like-minded people. I have spent most of my career in leadership roles working on empowering women in the workplace.

My clients are women in Leadership who are ready to empower themselves and claim their seat at the table. I work in collaboration with you to develop your own unique leadership style in order to be heard, seen, and respected in the workplace. I have created strategic development tools to uncover your core values, true worth, and passions that will lead you to success and future endeavors. My clients are then excited and prepared for what lies ahead for them.

I believe each of us has a unique story to share. It is my passion to create a safe space for others to exchange their stories of shared experiences, and to create a tribe they can feel connected to for encouragement and support. I have now devoted myself to helping others discover their strengths, move beyond their fears, and finally discover what it truly takes to flourish with confidence so they can be heard, seen, and respected.

Along with my education and 18 years of experience in high-level corporate positions, I have developed excellent communication and interpersonal skills, and an ability for building strong relationships with individuals from all levels and cultures. These skills are the gifts I bring to my coaching clients.