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 Accelerate Your LeadHERship

A 90 day program to become heard, seen, and respected, shatter your glass ceiling, and start living life on your own terms.

You imagine: all your hard work and dedication has landed you your dream job. Everything you had worked so hard for has finally come to fruition. You are now sitting at the head table ready to present your biggest presentation to your Executive team. At the end of the meeting, you see that it was a hit. Everyone loved all your ideas, you didn’t receive one interruption during your presentation and you know that you are now going to receive a nice size bonus at the end of the year after this new plan becomes a huge success. Your home life is full of love from family and friends, You don’t bring your work home nor the associated stress that normally comes along with it. You are in touch with your core values and these have made life pleasant for you when it comes to making tough decisions.

The reality is that you have your dream job, but you're actually sitting in the back corner and not at the head of the table. This is due to the men deciding it was their right to take up as much space as needed for themselves. When it is your time to give your presentation, you find yourself having to defend all your talking points because the men are dissecting every piece of it. When you try to explain, you find that you keep getting interrupted, and before you know it, you lost complete control. You find that you are now shutting down and feeling defeated. Your home life is a mess as you are stressed from the work day, and find you miss a lot of friends and family events due to late meetings or project deadlines. You notice that your health is deteriorating due to stress and feel like you have lost complete control over your life.

I’ve been there and didn’t have a clue about what to do or how to conduct myself in these situations. I felt my throat swelling up and could no longer speak with authority. I did not know who to turn to or where to begin to seek mentorship. The reality is we are not part of the good ol’ boys club. I’ve been purposely left out of meetings or later found out that major decisions were made over the weekend on the golf course that I was not privy to. The honest truth is what we deal with at work, does come home with us and ends up affecting every aspect of our lives.

I’ve spent my career in these types of situations and understand how difficult it can be balancing work and home. This is why I am so passionate about helping women leadHERs find their seat at the table. I wish I knew of someone who could have helped me navigate through these sticky situations and taught me the skills and techniques needed to avoid manterruptions. We are not meant to do things alone and I’m here to let you know that form this day forward, you are no longer alone.

Are you ready to be the kind of leader who is strategically skilled in her development, communication, focus, mission, and messaging? If so, let’s work together!


In my Accelerate your LeadHERship program, which produces both the business results you need now and the personal transformation that drives future successes, you will learn powerful ways to speak your mind in order to be heard, seen, and respected in the workplace so you can excel in your career and at home. Gain valuable tools that guide you to receive earned promotions and most importantly, claim your super powers.

In this program, I provide a confidential and supportive feedback-rich environment where leaders will gain valuable insights, confidence, and clarity, from our coaching collaboration. Moving forward, you will be able to share your thoughts and be empowered to speak with influence. Now is the time that you are heard, seen, and respected as the powerful leadHER that you are to claim your seat at the table.


 Within the next 90 days, you will:

  • Coaching for Skills - Together, we will create a detailed action plan based on your deepest career desires to meet current or future responsibilities

  • Coaching for Performance - We will focus on enhancing your role as a Leader and create a strategic road map for you to get that next promotion, pay raise

    and claim your visibility as the go-to Expert

  • Coaching for Self-Empowerment - This is where the fun begins, we will laser focus on your mindset, personal growth journey, self-worth and leadership mastery

    so you can shatter the glass ceiling and claim your seat at the table


  • Create home and work core values

  • Identify the value of you

  • Master leading with confidence


  • Transform your communication skills

  • Learn to show up as your authentic self

  • Create a plan based on emotional intelligence and awareness


  • Up-level your self-awareness

  • Master adaptive leadership

  • Integrate critical thinking for work and home


Phase 1 - Be heard

  • Initial assessment in career and what’s holding you back

  • How to show up in the workplace so that your peers respect your ideas and you can be seen as the leader that you are

  • Be the queen at home so that your children run to the door to greet you and your husband can’t wait to see you because your energy is now reflecting back onto them

  • Manage self-care so that you show up as a powerful, connected, and clear leader that comes from a place of positive energy and love

  • Understand how we speak and the message it conveys so that you can access the power of language and create real impact towards others

Phase 2 - Be seen

  • From intention to initiation so that we are are able to comfortably share our ideas and execute them in the workplace

  • Create self-worth so that we know and understand our value we bring to the table at home and work

  • Do something new so that you enable yourself to grow and think outside the box

  • Align your thoughts with your words and actions so that your words and body language are in alignment with what you’re saying so you get the respect you deserve

Phase 3 - Be respected

  • Implement your super powers so that you become the go-to person

  • Grow your self-confidence so that you know your value and worth in order to grow in your career

  • Take the seat at the table with true authenticity so that you don’t have to pretend and show up as someone you are not

  • Create your big picture and share it with positive persuasiveness

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Your 90-Day coaching program includes:

  • 90 day clear outcomes

  • Comprehensive assessment

  • 9 x 60-minute coaching sessions over 90 days (3 per month)

  • MP4 Recordings of all sessions emailed to you


  • Worksheet for career growth

  • Email support between coaching sessions

  • Two SOS calls

  • Complimentary ticket to any workshop in 2019/2020

  • One 90-minute coaching intensive (discover pain points and identify strategic plan)



FULL Payment

$5,000 USD
(Save $1,000!)


PARTIAL Payments

$2,000 USD Deposit
and 4 payments of $1.000


Not quite ready for 90 days? Ask me about my 90-minute coaching intensive.

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It’s time to become heard, seen, and respected as the empowered leadHER that you are.